We offer parenting support in a variety of settings to help parents get through common and unique childhood challenges to include effective discipline strategies, potty training, picky eating, sibling rivalry, anger problems, learning and homework challenges and much more.

One of the great things about the clinical staff at Southlake Autism is that we are parents, too. We fully understand parenting challenges and often turn to each other for support with our own children... we get it! 

                                  Speech &


                                        Does your child

                                         have a difficult  time communicating effectively? Perhaps vocal speech is absent or words are very limited and not used consistently? Does it seem as if your child more often cries, points or hits instead of using words? We offer many approaches to help children learn to communicate. Developing a language system is often a challenging and complex process that involves many elements. Southlake Autism clinicians are experts in understanding language systems and how to address the behaviors that often interfere with using language consistently. We can even work  with your current speech Language pathologist if behaviors are interfering with progress.



                       We can help address

many behaviors that often confuse or frustrate parents. let us help you understand why your child engages in: 

                    Social                          Skills

Social skills are an important tool necessary for success in school, work and society. Many individuals with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, excessive shyness lack the necessary social awareness skills to help them navigate our social world. Individuals lacking in social skills can become targets for bullying, isolation and can experience a variety of unnecessary failure in life simply because the social world is difficult to navigate.

It's all about service...

  • home visits
  • Southlake Autism office      
  • schools and daycares in Orange, Lake and Osceola County
  • doctors office
  • dentists office
  • restaurants
  • stores
  • parks

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Servicing Lake and Orange Counties

We strive to build a cohesive and collaborative team with parents, physicians and schools to ensure care is complete and all areas of need are addressed.  We work in the environments where change is needed and that will help your child learn skills the quickest. Since we work with an emphasis on making every moment count we choose to offer services in many locations that aim to meet the specific needs of your family such as:

  • screaming
  • self injury
  • fighting
  • tantrums
  • non-compliance
  • property destruction
  • food refusal



                                    We have a


                                    relationship with many public and private schools and daycares in Orange, Lake and Osceola counties that allow us to work directly with administration, teachers and school specialists to help them best help your child. We also assist in RTI and IEP meetings and in the writing of behavior intervention plans (BIPs). Through the use of ABA, we assist teachers in capturing the learning motivation of your child so they get more out of the learning opportunities schools provide.


                                   1:1 Therapy

                                           is available to help

                                           your child or loved

                                           one achieve skills

                                           in areas that they

                                           are experiencing trouble or deficits. One to one therapy addresses all the areas of need to include speech and language problems, functional communication, dressing and other self-care skills, academic skills, behavior modification, eating, eye contact and much more.